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Le Journal is the quarterly publication of the Center for French Colonial Studies and is one of the benefits of membership. First published in 1985, Le Journal includes research articles, book reviews, source materials, announcements, updates, and biographies pertaining to the history and culture of the French in North America, particularly the Middle Mississippi Valley, the Midwest, and the Illinois Country. Proceedings of the annual conference often appear in Le Journal; invited conference presenters typically contribute written versions of their work for publication in Le Journal. The editor also considers submissions by others (members as well as non-members) of any original work of any length related to the mission of the CFCS. (Book length manuscripts will be forwarded to the William L. Potter Publication Series editor.)  On occasion, papers of interest to the membership that have been published elsewhere may be reprinted in Le Journal provided appropriate permissions have been obtained. Prospective authors who would like to have their work considered for publication are encouraged to contact the editor to learn more about the upcoming publishing schedule. Junior authors in particular should consider Le Journal as an outlet for their work. All decisions regarding the content of Le Journal lie with the editor. The editor reserves the right to copyedit all contributions to Le Journal to insure correct grammatical structure, standardized spelling, and consistent layout.

Publishing Guidelines for Research Articles

Research articles are major scholarly papers of sufficient length (normally 15-25 double-spaced pages) to develop an argument and present supporting data. Citations or endnotes are expected.

1. Manuscripts should be submitted in MSWord format (.doc or .docx) using standard 12’ font (e.g., Times New Roman).

2. Manuscripts should be paginated with 1” margins.

3. Avoid all extraneous formatting, footers, and headers with the exception of page numbers.

4. Indicate subheadings in bold.

5. Either endnotes (not footnotes) or in text citations (author, date) may be used. Provide a full bibliography of References Cited when in text citations are used.

6. Submit figures as separate files. Permitted file formats are TIFF (.tif) and JPEG (.jpg). Include a list of figure captions numbered sequentially at the end of the text.

7. Provide author’s contact information (mailing address, telephone number, email address).


Publishing Guidelines for Other Contributions

In addition to major research articles, Le Journal also publishes book reviews, announcements, and biographical notes. These contributions should follow the above guidelines, though citations are generally not necessary. Book reviews, which are normally solicited by the book review editor, should be between 600 and 1000 words. For questions about the appropriateness of any contribution to Le Journal, feel free to contact the editor.

Michael S. Nassaney, Editor
Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University

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