The French Colony in the Mid-Mississippi Valley (2nd Edition)

By Margaret Kimball Brown and Lawrie Cena Dean

82 pages, maps, illustrations | 2012 

What were the French communities like in the eighteenth century? For a brief look, come with us on an imagined visit of the village of Kaskaskia in the 1740s. Here we find wide, dusty streets, lined with stockade-like fences, above which appear the steeply pitched roofs of houses. Opening a gate in one of these fences reveals a house of heavy upright log construction with a paneled front door and deeply-set casement windows. The path to the door is lined with flowers and herbs, in the spring the orchard at one side of the yard would be in bloom….

(The first edition of this popular work was published by American Kestrel Books, a division of American Resources Group, Ltd., under the editorship of Michael J. McNerney, who has kindly allowed the Center for French Colonial Studies to offer this revised, second edition.)

About the authors:

Dr. Margaret Kimball Brown is well known for her work in historic and prehistoric archeology. She retired as director of the famous Cahokia Mounds State Park archeological site and museum a few years ago. French Colonial Illinois has always been of particular interest to her, and that is reflected in some of the titles she has published: The Village of Chartres In Colonial Illinois, 1720 1765 (co-author Lawrie Cena Dean), and the pending Kaskaskia Manuscripts 1714 – 1816. Dr. Brown is the founder and first president of the Center for French Colonial Studies.


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