Code Noir: The Colonial Slave Laws in French Mid-America

William L. Potter (formerly Extended) Publication Series, no. 4

William Potter, ed.  Preface by Carl Ekberg

French and English texts

67 pages, illustrations | 2005

Code Noir: The Colonial Slave Laws of French Mid-America, the new CFCS extended publication has just been published. Edited by William Potter, it features an introductory article by Carl Ekberg, the complete French text of the Code Noir de la Louisiane of 1724 and an English translation on opposite pages as well as facsimiles of a number of related documents from the Kaskaskia Manuscript collection with English translation.

“Vernon V. Palmer, an authority on legal history, has recently opined that the Black Code ‘was one of the most important codes in the history of French codes.’ Given French preoccupation with codifying laws—under the monarchy, the empire, and the various republics—this is a very large statement. Credit must be given to the Center for French Colonial Studies for sponsoring the publication of this welcome new translation of the Code.”( From the Introduction by Carl Ekberg.)

Currently out of print

A revised second edition with an older version of the Code is in progress.  Please check back later in 2019.