Staff and Board


Michael S. Nassaney, Editor Le Journal
Karen Marrero, Book Review Editor
Benn E. Williams, Editor, William L. Potter Publication Series


Richard P. Day, President, Vincennes, IN (2015)
Mark Barbeau, Vice-President, Plano, TX (2015)
Helen Valle Crist, Secretary, Chesterfield, MO (2015)
Mark Barbeau, Treasurer, Plano, TX (2015)

Board of Directors

Mark Barbeau, Plano, TX (2016)
Margaret Brown, Red Bud, IL (2015)
Ruth A. Bryant, St. Louis, MO (2017)
Anne D. Craver, St. Louis, MO (2015)
Helen Valle Crist, Chesterfield, MO (2017)
Richard P. Day, Vincennes, IN (2017)
Misty Jackson, Leslie, MI (2016)
John W. (Jay) Lottes, Perryville, MO (2016)
Emily Lyons, Chester, IL (2017)
Terrance J. Martin, Springfield, IL (2015)
Michael S. Nassaney, Kalamazoo, MI (2017)
Sharon Person, Ballwin, MO (2016)
Patricia Rice, St. Louis, MO (2015)
Mark Walczynski, Tonica, IL (2016)
Benn E. Williams, Chicago, IL (2015)

International Advisory Board of Directors

Arnaud Balvay, Paris, France (2016)
Denys Delâge, St-Antoine de Tilly, Québec, Canada (2015)
Robert Englebert, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (2016)
Joseph Gagné, Québec, QC, Canada (2016)
Gilles Havard, Paris, France (2015)
Guillaume Teasdale, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (2015)

Honorary Directors

Graham Paul, Consul Général de France, Chicago, IL
James Mauzé, Jr., Consul Honoraire de France, St. Louis, MO
Eric Marquis, Délégué du Québec, Chicago, IL

Former Presidents                                   

Dennis Au, Evansville, IN
Margaret Brown, Red Bud, IL
Ruth A. Bryant, St. Louis, MO
Fred Fausz, St. Louis, MO
Pierre Lebeau, Naperville, IL
William L. Potter, Palos Hills, IL (deceased)

Neither the editor of Le Journal nor the Center for French Colonial Studies assumes responsibility for errors of fact or opinions expressed by the contributors. The editor reserves the right to refuse submitted material and to edit material prior to publication.

Deadlines to submit announcements: 12/1, 3/1, 6/1,   9/1

All materials for publication should be addressed to:

Michael S. Nassaney
Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5306

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Ph: 269-387-3981


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