Mark Barbeau, President, Plano, TX (2019)
Will Thompson, Vice-President, Memphis, TN (2019)
Helen Valle Crist, Secretary, Chesterfield, MO (2019)
Hank Johnson, Treasurer, Ste. Genevieve, MO (2019)


Michael S. Nassaney, Editor Le Journal
Stacey L. Moore, Book Review Editor
Benn E. Williams, Editor, William L. Potter Publication Series

Board of Directors

Mark Barbeau, Plano, TX (2019)
Anne D. Craver, St. Louis, MO (2021)
Helen Valle Crist, Chesterfield, MO (2020)
Carl J. Ekberg, Winchester, VA (2020)
Vicki Green, Frankfort, IN (2021)
Misty Jackson, Leslie, MI (2019)
Christy James, St. Louis, MO (2019)
Hank Johnson, Ste. Genevieve, MO (2021)
Emily Lyons, Chester, IL (2020)
Terrance J. Martin, Springfield, IL (2021)
Michael S. Nassaney, Kalamazoo, MI (2020)
Sharon Person, Ballwin, MO (2020)

Patricia Rice, St. Louis, MO (2021)
William J. Thompson, Memphis, TN (2019)
Mark Walczynski, Tonica, IL (2019)International Advisory Board of Directors

Arnaud Balvay, Paris, France (2020)
Denys Delâge, St-Antoine de Tilly, Québec, Canada (2019)

Robert Englebert, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (2020)
Joseph Gagné, Québec, QC, Canada (2020)
Gilles Havard, Paris, France (2019)
Guillaume Teasdale, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (2019)

Honorary Directors

Guillaume Lacroix, Consul Général de France, Chicago, IL
Henry Biggs, Consul Honoraire de France, St. Louis, MO
Jean-François Hould, Délégué du Québec, Chicago, IL

Former Presidents

Dennis Au, Evansville, IN
Margaret Brown, Red Bud, IL
Ruth A. Bryant, St. Louis, MO
Richard P. Day, Vincennes, IN
Fred Fausz, St. Louis, MO
B. Pierre Lebeau, Naperville, IL (deceased)
Karen Marrero, Detroit, MI
William L. Potter, Palos Hills, IL (deceased)


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